We believe that dogs, regardless of their ultimate destinies, should be raised as companions. Our Newfoundlands live a low-stress, happy, secure and healthy life with plenty of fresh air and exercise on natural surfaces. We also believe that the gentle Newfoundland temperament requires that the dogs be kept close physically to their humans so we spend many hours with them each day. They live in separate 8′ x 10′ kennels inside the climate-controlled custom-designed kennel building, which is filled with light and windows for correct ventilation. They have access to individual covered 10′ x 10′ outdoor areas all day, and frequently forego the building to be outside on the porches that J.C. has built for them. All of our dogs are bathed and groomed on a regular schedule. We have three individually fenced outdoor areas, each approximately a half acre, for the dogs to get regular exercise. Our kennel laundry assures that bedding and towels are always freshly-washed and ready to use. The house and kennel building layout is designed so that dogs can be easily observed and are never more than a few steps away.  In early summer 2012, we renovated our kennel building fairly extensively by replacing kennel panels, dog doors, and automatic watering bowls. In late winter 2014 we did additional renovations of our food preparation, bathing and grooming areas.  Our dogs swim in the lake as much as possible (under strict supervision) during warm weather, and all of them have taken to the water very naturally. We try to expose our dogs to many situations to assure correct human and outside world socialization. All of our dogs are taught to interact and play together (with the exception of girls in season, of course) and often invent the funny Newfy games that Newfoundland owners know so well.

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