Water’s Edge Newfoundlands, a small, private hobby kennel, is owned by Mary Broihier and J. C. Randolph. We have been exhibiting and breeding Newfoundland dogs as show dogs, working dogs, and companions since 1999. Our goals and due diligence in selecting breeding stock and showing them to their titles has resulted in success from the kennel’s beginning.

 Zoomie in flowers
Newfoundlands from Water’s Edge can be found in the show ring as conformation competitors, in other kennel lines, in service to health-challenged individuals, in search and rescue programs, and in private homes as loving companions.
We breed only selectively and after careful study. We believe it is our responsibility to breed only when it is for the betterment of the Newfoundland. Our breeding philosophy is that we do not compromise soundness, excellence of type or of temperament to attain beauty—but a beautiful dog is a joy to behold and to own! Through the years we have developed an affinity for Landseer (white and black) Newfoundlands in addition to the traditional black and plan to breed both colors in the future.
The sires and dams we breed must have the appropriate health certifications (hip, elbow, patella, cardiologist-cleared heart, CERF eyes, and cystinuria), which are on record at the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. If a dog does not have required clearances and correct breed temperament, it will not be bred, but instead retired to stay with us or placed with a family as a companion.


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